Inlingua Junior Courses

The inlingua Junior program is ideally suited for children from the age of 7 and older. There are four levels in the Junior course and each follows a specific syllabus. The Junior courses are taught by inlingua instructors who have undergone training in the specific pedagogy.

Students are introduced to basic English set around relevant contexts like Introductions and greetings, identifying objects, talking about occupations, nationalities, describing homes and spaces, describing people, talking about locations and weather, telling the time ,talking about likes and dislikes and the language for accepting and refusing politely. free time activities and hobbies, skills and abilities, months and seasons, clothes and suitable attire, travel and transport, Distances, weights, measures, directions and health and well being and many more.

Towards the end of the Junior level the language advances to a higher level and students will be able to state opinions and sustain conversations with confidence.

Apart from all the grammar and language learning  we will be teaching

  1. Public speaking/ Debating
  2. Overcoming stage fright
  3. Engaging storytelling
  4. Using voice effectively
  5. Building vocabulary.

French Courses for Kids

Inlingua’s French Kid’s course offers children an opportunity to learn a new language in a friendly and fun environment. Children will be introduced to topics with the aid of games, songs and fun activities.The course will cover topics required for basic communication. The children will be taught by inlingua instructors who have been trained in the specific pedagogy. The children are sure to enjoy the classes and the inlingua methodology ensures that the children start speaking the language from the first class itself!

They will learn….

  1. Greetings, ways of saying thank you and phrases used to take leave.
  2. Introduce oneself with nationality and country.
  3. Asking about someone’s name, spelling, the alphabets and the accents on vowels.
  4. The numbers
  5. Introducing someone else.
  6. Describing an object.
  7. Days, months, seasons and cardinal numbers.
  8. Vocabulary of the classroom.
  9. Describing homes.
  10. Vocabulary of the classroom.
  11. Identifying symbols and colours.
  12. Different ways of question formation.

  • S.No
    Batch Type
    Start Date
    Total Fees
  • 1
    English for Kids
    30 hrs
  • 2
    Kids French Course
    20 hrs

NOTE: We also provide private classes at 1400/hour.