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inlingua International, headquartered in Bern, Switzerland, is a leader in language training with a network of 308 centers in 34 countries. With 50 years of training experience, it caters to half-a-million students each year. Among its customers are reputed corporations and institutions from Fortune 500 companies to international agencies.

Since 2002 inlingua New Delhi has trained nearly 10,000 learners annually through 8 centers in the National Capital Region. Its Corporate Service Division has worked with leading Indian & MNC corporations, government agencies, NGO’s, and education institutes to fulfill their language training needs.

Our corporate training programs have been curated keeping in mind the rapid changes the world is seeing on account of new, technologically-driven modes of communication. Organizations are constantly under pressure to adapt to these drastic changes in order to transact and communicate with their offshore partners.

In today’s day and age, the work of big corporations, as well as small and medium enterprises, constantly demands highly skilled manpower. Consequently, learning & development have become an integral part of the success of a business. Our corporate training programs will equip your staff with all the language-related skills that are essential to your business goals and success.

We believe corporate training must be effective, exciting, and aligned with the learning needs of professionals. Our training curriculum has been developed by industry experts who have years of experience working with clients globally. Our language training programs are the amalgam of research and expertise gained ever since the inception of inlingua International, fifty years ago, and honed by the extensive field experience of our Corporate Services Division. Our programs have tools to develop talent and guide the next generation of leaders to take your business towards a new growth trajectory.

inlingua corporate training focuses on harnessing the potential of staff and working for their holistic development to achieve excellence. The participatory approach is at the core of our pedagogy. During the training, 75% of the time is dedicated to the participants doing action-oriented exercises. Learning is unabated in our corporate training programs as our seasoned instructors motivate learners to engage and co-create new approaches to acquire language skills.

With over 30 certified trainers to teach English from basic to advanced levels, as well as trainers for French, German, Spanish, and Hindi, tailor-made courses can be delivered by our instructors for any need, ranging from one-day skill workshops to intensive immersion courses lasting several months. For remote locations, virtual classrooms and online learning tools are easily available and quite effective.

Our high-impact corporate language courses for upskilling have been instrumental in bringing a radical shift in the performance of employees of our various clients which they have been endorsing through testimonials. We at inlingua are prepared to support your organization’s learning and development goals and help you boost the productivity of your early-career professionals or senior executives.

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