English Intermediate Classes

In the first part of the Intermediate Level students will enhance their social conversation skills and be able to hold a conversation in a more expansive fashion. They will be able to talk about their backgrounds and talk at some length about the events of their life including their achievements and goals. They will be able to discuss recent news stories and current events. Learners will be able to describe procedures, frequencies and problems and discuss forecasts and scenarios. In the context of Nature they will be able to discuss the natural environment. They will be able to make extensive comparisons by way of discussing advantages and disadvantages. They will be introduced to a wider range of vocabulary.

In the second part of the Intermediate course students will learn how to react by agreeing, disagreeing and reporting comments. They will move to the more complex nuances of English and enhance their descriptive language. They will be able to talk about devices and give and comprehend technical instructions. The students will be able to understand advertisements and discuss trends and precautions in the context of consumer society. Financial vocabulary will be introduced and students will be able to talk about precise and approximate figures. In the realm of entertainment, discussions and vocabulary on TV shows, music and stories are introduced. Students will also be able to describe their emotions at some length.

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  • English2Step1
    7.30PM - 9.00PM
    Rs. 8,900.00
  • English2Step2
    7.30PM - 9.00PM
    Rs. 8,900.00