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About this Course

10AM - 12PM
Rs. 16,900.00
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1. Teaching Method:

The inlingua method focuses on oral understanding foremost. Students learn by speaking before they move on to develop their foreign language reading, listening, and writing skills. It has taken 50 years of research in developing the inlingua way of learning.

2. Level:

Level A1 – Beginner. Basic command of language in some everyday situations.

3. Exams:

The testing is done in accordance with guidelines set by Association of Language Testers in Europe(ALTE).

4. Certification:

inlingua Certificates are awarded to all students who successfully complete the program.inlingua certificates are recognized world over by corporates & universities and are used for travel/job/visa/admission purposes.

After doing German1Step1, student will be able to:

-Greet people

-Introduce people

-Naming things and articles in daily life


-Counting Numbers

-Describing Professions

-Asking where one lives

-Citing addresses and telephone numbers

-Giving out personal information

-Talk about people, families, and possessions

-Telling the time

-Days of the week

-Describing opening and closing times

-Describe homes

-Prices of Articles

-Talk about types of transportation

-Asking and Telling the way

-Talk about hobbies

-Organizing meetings

-Different food items

-Ordering in a restaurant

-Dialogue while buying in the Market

-Shopping in different places-A mall, a pharmacy, A bakery etc..

-Months and Seasons

-Talking about weather and climate

-Talking about clothes

-Buying online

-Different parts of the body

-Talking about sicknesses and pains

-Describing a city and its tourist spots

-Write a Postcard