It’s impossible to not love the Spanish language. The famous TV shows like Narcos and Jane the virgin have encouraged viewers across the world to learn this language.  This is one of the main reasons that the Spanish language is on the rise. No matter how obsessed you are with Spanish, you’ll still be surprised to know that there are many cool unknown facts about the language. Also, if you’re planning to learn the language or are already on the way to master it, knowing these amazing facts will incite your curiosity and will also be very helpful in your learning.

The following are some of the most interesting facts we found. Now test your knowledge and see how many of them you already know:

•    Above 400 million people speak Spanish

Spanish is the primary language of an estimated 400-450 million individuals, making it the world's second most spoken language after Chinese which is spoken by more than a billion people. Shockingly, Spanish beats English in its number of speakers as it is at the third spot with only 335 million native speakers across the globe. Besides, Spanish is the second most studied language in the world, with more than 21 million students have taken it as a foreign language.

•    21 countries have Spanish as the official language

Interestingly, not only Spain but 20 other countries across Europe, Africa, Central, South, and North America, also have Spanish as their official language, which makes it a significant global language. Spanish comes in fourth place after English, French, and Arabic, that results in making it one of the most significant languages in the world. Several international firms and organizations, including the United Nations, have adopted Spanish as one of their official languages.

•    Spanish is the most Romantic language on earth

Its melodic tone has the biggest contribution to the romantic image of the language that even an insult in Spanish can sound sweet and loving. Not only it's sound but there a major reason why it is known this way. The Spanish language originally belongs to the clan of ‘Romantic languages,’ which also includes French, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian, which are derived from Latin. And, Latin is considered to be the language of romance. Or perhaps, you can say it is because there are numerous ways to express love and fondness like Te Quiero, Te Amo, Te Adoro, and many more.

•    Spanish has two names

Castellano and Español are the two other names of the Spanish language. The names differ from region to region, and also reflect the social and political views.

Castellano can be used to refer to individual dialects of Spanish spoken in the northern and central parts of Spain.

•    Spanish is a phonetic language

Spanish is a phonetic language, which means that you pronounce letters consistently and each letter represents a definite sound. This also means that Spanish is a comparatively simple language for beginners to learn, particularly when it comes to speaking and spelling.

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Saket Pathak, 26 July, 2019 (8:14 AM)

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